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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Intro to Rybo...

Hello All,

My name is Ryan O'Connell and this is finally my last class in the Banking and Financial Services Management Program.  I look forward to learning about the Innovation process and sharing unique ideas with the group.  

 I currently live in Hudson, NH with my girlfriend of 4 years Katelynn.  A couple of our favorite things to do as DINKS (Double Income No Kids) include:
  • Traveling to tropical locations.
Punta Cana, Dominican Republic - 2011
Cancun - 2010
  • Going to Concerts.
Sugarland - 2011

  • Playing Softball.
The Hub Softball - 2011 Champs!!

A little further background about myself - professionally I work as a Hedge Fund Accountant at BNY Mellon in Everett, MA.  I have served in other roles at BNY Mellon previously doing portfolio accounting and treasury services.  The complexity of working with an alternative investment like a hedge fund is quite interesting to me, which is probably a good thing since it is my job.

You will notice that I live and NH and work in MA - my commute is approximately an hour each way to work.  This is a recent development as of 6 months ago where I moved from my apartment, which was only 5 minutes from work.  I have to say that a long commute really puts a damper on things.

As an extension to the complaining about a long commute --- Why does the slightest bit of inclement weather make people become terrible drivers?